Version 1.4.1 rev. 757
(06 Mar 2009)

  • Major new features:
    • The projects and tasks are now sorted by their name in the project tree and all comboboxes (r679). They’re also sorted in the “Subscribe Task” dialog.
    • Added a feature to change the task and the category of a selection of efforts (r679, r680).
    • The Quickbar display code was rewritten. It now displays correctly on every screen border on the latest Gnome Desktop (tested on Ubuntu 8.10) and on Mac OS X. Also the position of the quickbar has changed slightly. It’s now positioned at the borders of the available desktop area (i.e. without task bar or similar things) instead at the borders of the screen.
    • A new button has been added to the Quickbar to bring the main window to the front.
    • A new launching system has been added. This way running Fred directly from the commandline via the “java” command is a lot easier. Simply run “java -jar lib/launcher.jar” or the plattform-specific launcher (available on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X). This change includes that there is now only one launch script for Linux (instead of two as in previous versions).
    • Fred files can now be specified via the command line. Simply pass the Fred work file a first parameter to Fred
    • New translation: French
  • Minor new features:
    • The Quickbar now only becomes visible when the cursor is actually on the primary screen.
    • A currently recorded effort is now saved when the user logs out without previously exiting Fred.
    • Added a menu item to report problems with Fred (in the Help menu).
    • The “Reallocate Time” dialog now doesn’t require the main window to be restored, if it was minimized.
  • Bugfixes:
    • The linux launch script can now be called from anywhere (i.e. the user doesn’t need to be in Fred’s directory).
    • The change of Fred’s language now works completely (i.e. no labels remain in the previous language after a language change). A restart of Fred is required for this to work but this is automatically handled by Fred.
    • The splash screen’s texts should now display correctly on any platform.
    • All file dialog (Open Work File, Save Work File, …) didn’t work on Ubuntu 8.10. This is now fixed.
    • The buttons of the quickbar should now respond correctly to any click on them. (Sometimes they didn’t respond for some reason, especially when working on a tablet pc.)
  • Other changes:
    • The default locale is now English, if it can’t be determined (was German before).
    • The TrayIcon support for Linux has been disabled due to too many problems. It may come back later if the problems have been resolved.
    • Changed Fred’s year number to 2009.
    • Fred’s configuration files (UserMode.xml, Recent.xml, Settings.xml) are now stored as Java XML properties. This previously used, proprietary file format was discarded.
    • Quite a lot code changes and code cleanup.

Version 1.4.0 rev. 672
(09 Apr 2008)

  • Major new features:
    • Support for FredServer v1.3.5; support for Unicode server communication
    • Fred is now multilangual; Translations are available in German and English
    • MacOSX support (r645, r657, r659)
    • Unsaved changes are no longer lost when the user logs out while Fred is running. Instead they are saved in a temporal file and can be restored when Fred is started next time. Tested only on Windows. (r606)
    • Some enhancements when storing a work file on a removable device; e.g. USB pen drive.
    • Revised quick-start guide (r622, r636)
  • Minor new features:
    • There are now information messages when the user tries to create a task or an effort when there is no project (r639)
    • Bigger windows icon (r625)
    • The full path to the currently opened work file is now display in the main window’s title bar (r610)
    • Quickbar now appears whenever the mouse cursor hits the screen border where the Quickbar is docked (r661)
    • Effort duration has new format (hh:mm); replaces previously used format (dd:hh:mm); is more intuitive
    • Dialog for editing efforts has been reorganized and has a bigger comment area
    • It’s now possible to upload all efforts that currently visible (r558)
    • Within the reallocation dialog the user is now able to edit the durations of the currently recorded effort (r560)
    • The default task and it’s containing project are now highlighted in terms of color (r579)
    • The quickbar’s position can now be set using the main menu (r595)
    • The quickbar’s buttons are now larger (r561, r624)
    • The effort table now restores the previously selected efforts after an action has been performed on these efforts (r578)
    • The quickbar now doesn’t overlay the taskbar under windows nor the menubar under MacOSX anymore when becoming visible. Instead it apears above, below or marginally (r661)
  • Bugfixes:
    • The option “Select pdf view (Linux only)” wasn’t saved (r656)
    • kpdf (Linux) couldn’t be used to open the manual (r656)
    • Correct duration calculation of efforts when the time was adjusted due to the daylight saving during the effort’s timeframe; e.g. an effort that starts on 29 Mar 2008 at 14:00 and ends on 30 Mar 2008 at 14:00 has now a duration of 25 hours (r649)
    • Fixed slow scrolling of the effort table (r643)
    • Fixed exception when collecting efforts: When there were no efforts to collect and user check the option to show the collected efforts, an exception was thrown. (r626)
    • Fixed wrong labels and some other glitches in file chooser (r621)
    • Quickbar doesn’t disappear any more (r661)
    • many corrections of labels used in Fred; especially some labels showed <br> instead of a line break
    • Calculation of conflicting (=overlapping) efforts wasn’t correct
    • Fixed presentation of the project tree when the default task was changed (r579)
    • If the work file couldn’t be parsed, there will now be an error message
    • If the user wants to open a dialog using the quickbar, the main window will now be restored (r559)
    • Possibility to enter to large values in the reallocate dialog fixed (r560)
    • Fixed overall effort duration after an effort has changed (r556)
    • Fixed exception when duplicating view (r578)
    • Fixed exception when trying to close Fred using the tray icon while the messagebox that asks the user if he want to save his work is showing (r578)
    • Changing the default task doesn’t require to save the whole work file again (r596)
    • Missing refresh when new effort for new task and project is selected (r653).
    • Fixed MalformedURLException when viewing a non-team project’s properties (r594)
    • Invalid dates (like 31 Sep 2007) are now rejected (r592)
  • Other changes:
    • Renamed “Fred 2007” to “Fred 2008” (r644)
    • A slight new quickbar image (r642)
    • The changelog (this file) has now it’s own file and is no longer part of the readme file. Additionally it’s translated into English.

Version 1.3.5 RC2
(27 Feb 2007 – Rev. 508)

  • Major new features:
    • Added menu icons and menu accelerators (hotkeys)
  • Other changes:
    • Enhanced About dialog

Version 1.3.5 RC1
(23 Feb 2007 – Rev. 501)

  • Minor new features:
    • The dialog “Edit Effort” can now be closed via “Ctrl+Return”
    • In the dialog “Create Effort” the end date changes now accordingly to the start date – but only if the end date hasn’t been changed already. The same applies to the time controls.
    • New minimizing animation on Windows
    • When the user clicks on “Quick Split” in the Quickbar, now a confirmation message is displayed.
    • The check whether Fred is already running can be disabled (via command line)
    • Enhanced context menu
    • The start script from the Linux package are executable (+x) when extracted from the tar file.
  • Bugfixes:
    • Support for Java 6
    • When the dialog “Edit Effort” was closed using the “Return” key the work duration respectively the pause duration wasn’t saved.
    • Fred crashed when the user recorded an effort with the Quickbar, then clicked on “Stop” and then minimized the main window via the tray icon.
    • The tray icon’s context menu is now working again.
    • When the user cancel a communication with a Fred Server (e.g. while collecting efforts) this isn’t treated as error anymore.
    • The multi-user mode now works correctly on Windows.
  • Other changes:
    • When an exception is thrown but not catched the line numbers are now available.
    • When the user is recording an effort and the Quickbar is in puase mode when the user clicks on “Stop” the currently recording pause(!) is discarded. I.e. the effort then ends at the same time as the last work time ended.
    • An effort’s duration is now displayed differently.
    • Fred now starts in multi-user mode by default – if it’s not specified otherwise and if it’s supported.

Version 1.3.1b
(28 Jan 2007 – Rev. 451)

  • Major new features:
    • It’s now possible to also save an effort’s pause duration along with it’s work duration.
    • When the user tries to start Fred multiple time a warning is displayed.
    • Better effort table representation (including dual-line display)
  • Other changes:
    • Some graphical improvements and bugfixes

Version 1.3.0
(21 Dec 2006 – Rev. 430)

  • Major new features:
    • Revised settings; added new user-specific settings (currently only the path to the manual and to the PDF viewer)
    • It’s now possible to start Fred without the need for the tray icon.
    • Therefore Fred now runs on all operating systems.
  • Minor new features:
    • New setting: Create backup
    • Minimizing Fred’s main window to the system tray is accomplished by using the main window’s “Minimize” button (instead of using the “Close” button)
    • Better notification when an error has occured.
    • More information in the About dialog (including a link to Fred’s website)
  • Other changes:
    • New slightly changed work file format (Import for old work files is possible; new file extension “.fred”)
    • Renamed “Fred” to “Fred 2007”
    • Improved file handling
    • New splash screen and new program icon

Version 1.2.2
(24 Nov 2006 – Rev. 409)

  • Major new features:
    • Tooltips with a lot of infos are now available in the project tree
  • Minor new features:
    • Width of the project tree is now variable
  • Bugfixes:
    • Fred now runs under a x64 Linux, too.
    • Error when changing an effort’s project fixed

Version 1.2.1
(22 Nov 2006 – Rev. 401)

  • Bugfixes:
    • Fixed bug when clicking on “Stop” in the Quickbar while in pause mode.
  • Other Changes
    • Added new (and more) categories

Version 1.2.0
(16 Nov 2006 – Rev. 399)

  • no changelog available (was lost)

Version 1.0
(28 Jul 2006 – Rev. 396)

  • first public release