For Fred’s server see: https://sourceforge.net/projects/fredserver

Fred: Main Window

Fred is a platform-independent time tracking tool. With Fred you can very easily file, view and record efforts (periods of work time), structure them into tasks and projects and exchange them (in multi-user projects) with your project leader.

Those efforts can be filed directly (by specifying the start and end timestamp, a description, etc.) but they can also be recorded as you work. To achieve this Fred comes with a built-in stop watch (call Quick Bar) which is located at one of your screens borders. With this Quick Bar you can easily start a new effort, pause it when you’re doing something else, and continue it when you’re again working on your project.

Fred's Quickbar

All efforts are associated with a task (and thus associated with a project) and a category. In multi-user projects tasks can be provided for the team members by the project leader (over a server) and the project leader can collect the efforts of his/her team members. This way Fred can provide a good overview over the project’s progress for the project leader.

To start with Fred, simply download it and take the “Quick Start” tour. You can start this tour be either clicking the “Quick Start Guide” button at Fred’s main screen or selecting “Show Quick Start Guide” from the “Help” menu.


Fred – time tracking made easy.

Historical background

Fred was first developed in 2006 at the University of Stuttgart, Germany. It was part of University internal internship called “the SoPra” (German abbreviation for “software internship”). The goal of this internship was to create a time tracking tool within a half year.  Out of almost two dozen solutions Fred achieved the highest rating.