Jul 24

Fred IRC Channel

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Yesterday I installed Pidgin on my computer and with Pidgin comes (for my needs) a usable IRC support. So I decided to open an IRC channel. And this is it: #fred on irc.freenode.net. I’m the guy called “Manski”.

Drop by if you are interested in the development of Fred, have a quick question or just want to get to know the people developing and using it.

By the way: You may want to read this. 😉

Jul 07

After several weeks of work I’ve completed the setup of Fred’s new BTS (bug tracking system): Trac. You can find it here:


All open tickets have been migrated to Trac. Unfortunately there was no automatic way to migrate them and so I decided not to migrate the already closed tickets. This means that the bug/ticket numbering has changed and therefor all references have been erased from the changelog (to avoid confusion). I hope that the whole bunch of feautures that Trac provides in comparison with Flyspray compensate for the loss of the closed tickets. (In my opinion they do 😉 )

With the new BTS up and running we now can focus on the next major release: Fred 2.0. Planning for this release has already been going on for some time and it will take certainly a lot of time to implement the new features we’ve planned. But we think it’s worth it. Among several ideas the most prominent are:

  • Server Synchronization: Projects can now be synchronized with a Fred Server automatically. Essentially this works like IMAP or Microsoft Exchange. This way you can work on two or more computers without the need of merging the work files or keeping it on a USB stick (which can be lost and still doesn’t solve the problem of merging if you’re using hibernation on at least one of your machines).
  • Along with the Server Synchronization there will be a complete overhaul of the Fred Server. When everything is complete you will be able to download it as a package that will work (almost) out-of-the-box. No need to download additional softare (at least we hope so – licencing problems may partially prevent that).
  • Auto Updater: Fred 2.0 will contain an auto updater that will keep your Fred installation up-to-date.
  • A new QuickBar: Fred 2.0 will present to you a new QuickBar which will allow you to edit your efforts while you record them and greatly improve the usage of the “QuickSplit” function. The latter will allow you to record multiple efforts simultaneously.

We hope (and think) you’ll like these new features.