Jan 07

We recently switched our version control system from Subversion to Mercurial. And after getting again over 250 spam tickets in two days in our old bug tracking system, we decided to finally move to Bitbucket. Bitbucket is a free hoster for Mercurial repositories and also provides a bug tracking system. The new URLs are:

Switching to Bitbucket also has the advantage that an initial checkout of Fred’s repository is way faster than before. Checkout our download page for more instructions on getting the source code.

Dec 12

Just wanted to let you know that our bug tracking system and Fred’s source code server is up again.

Nov 22

I just noticed that our contact form was broken – probably because I upgrade the WordPress version. Now, it’s back up again, however I haven’t received my test mail yet. So it may still be broken. I leave the comments below open for now so that you can contact us.

Update: The test mail was successfully delivered, so the contact form works.

Nov 22

SVN and BTS offline

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From 2011-11-26 to 2011-12-07 (hopefully) Fred’s Subversion server and Bug Tracking System will not be available because the server will be moved to a new location. This website, however, will continue to work during this time. For any bug found during this period, please use the contact form.

Update: Due to technical issues, Fred’s BTS and source code will remain offline until Monday, 2011-12-12.

Nov 02

Comments disabled

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We’re getting a lot of spam here on our blog. So until we had time to add some spam-fighting measures to the blog, comments will be disabled. If you want to contact us, please use the contact form at the top of the page.

Jul 24

Fred IRC Channel

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Yesterday I installed Pidgin on my computer and with Pidgin comes (for my needs) a usable IRC support. So I decided to open an IRC channel. And this is it: #fred on irc.freenode.net. I’m the guy called “Manski”.

Drop by if you are interested in the development of Fred, have a quick question or just want to get to know the people developing and using it.

By the way: You may want to read this. 😉

Jul 07

After several weeks of work I’ve completed the setup of Fred’s new BTS (bug tracking system): Trac. You can find it here:


All open tickets have been migrated to Trac. Unfortunately there was no automatic way to migrate them and so I decided not to migrate the already closed tickets. This means that the bug/ticket numbering has changed and therefor all references have been erased from the changelog (to avoid confusion). I hope that the whole bunch of feautures that Trac provides in comparison with Flyspray compensate for the loss of the closed tickets. (In my opinion they do 😉 )

With the new BTS up and running we now can focus on the next major release: Fred 2.0. Planning for this release has already been going on for some time and it will take certainly a lot of time to implement the new features we’ve planned. But we think it’s worth it. Among several ideas the most prominent are:

  • Server Synchronization: Projects can now be synchronized with a Fred Server automatically. Essentially this works like IMAP or Microsoft Exchange. This way you can work on two or more computers without the need of merging the work files or keeping it on a USB stick (which can be lost and still doesn’t solve the problem of merging if you’re using hibernation on at least one of your machines).
  • Along with the Server Synchronization there will be a complete overhaul of the Fred Server. When everything is complete you will be able to download it as a package that will work (almost) out-of-the-box. No need to download additional softare (at least we hope so – licencing problems may partially prevent that).
  • Auto Updater: Fred 2.0 will contain an auto updater that will keep your Fred installation up-to-date.
  • A new QuickBar: Fred 2.0 will present to you a new QuickBar which will allow you to edit your efforts while you record them and greatly improve the usage of the “QuickSplit” function. The latter will allow you to record multiple efforts simultaneously.

We hope (and think) you’ll like these new features.

Mar 11

Auto-Backup on shutdown doesn’t work on Windows Vista

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It seems as Fred’s automatic backup (i.e. saving the work file when Windows is shutdown) doesn’t work on Windows Vista (didn’t work in version 1.4.0 either). This especially includes the new feature (introduced in version 1.4.1):

“A currently recorded effort is now saved when the user logs out without previously exiting Fred.”

We’ll look into it (see ticket #40).

Mar 07

We’re pleased to announce Fred 2009 version 1.4.1 (stable). This release contains a lot of bugfixes, improvements and new features.

You can download the new version here at SourceForge. For more information see the Download page.

As usual: Though this release is considered stable there may be still bugs/problems present. If you find one, feel free to report it back to our Bug Tracking System.

Changelog for this version

  • Major new features:

    • The projects and tasks are now sorted by their name in the project tree and all comboboxes (issue #88, r679). They’re also sorted in the “Subscribe Task” dialog.
    • Added a feature to change the task and the category of a selection of efforts (issue #94, r679, r680).
    • The Quickbar display code was rewritten. It now displays correctly on every screen border on the latest Gnome Desktop (tested on Ubuntu 8.10) and on Mac OS X. Also the position of the quickbar has changed slightly. It’s now positioned at the borders of the available desktop area (i.e. without task bar or similar things) instead at the borders of the screen.
    • A new button has been added to the Quickbar to bring the main window to the front.
    • A new launching system has been added. This way running Fred directly from the commandline via the java command is a lot easier. Simply run java -jar lib/launcher.jar or the plattform-specific launcher (available on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X). This change includes that there is now only one launch script for Linux (instead of two as in previous versions).
    • Fred files can now be specified via the command line. Simply pass the Fred work file a first parameter to Fred (issue #96).
    • New translation: French
  • Minor new features:

    • The Quickbar now only becomes visible when the cursor is actually on the primary screen.
    • A currently recorded effort is now saved when the user logs out without previously exiting Fred.
    • Added a menu item to report problems with Fred (in the Help menu).
    • The “Reallocate Time” dialog now doesn’t require the main window to be restored, if it was minimized.
  • Bugfixes:

    • The linux launch script can now be called from anywhere (i.e. the user doesn’t need to be in Fred’s directory).
    • The change of Fred’s language now works completely (i.e. no labels remain in the previous language after a language change). A restart of Fred is required for this to work but this is automatically handled by Fred.
    • The splash screen’s texts should now display correctly on any platform.
    • All file dialog (Open Work File, Save Work File, …) didn’t work on Ubuntu 8.10. This is now fixed.
    • The buttons of the quickbar should now respond correctly to any click on them. (Sometimes they didn’t respond for some reason, especially when working on a tablet pc.)
  • Other changes:

    • The default locale is now English, if it can’t be determined (was German before).
    • The TrayIcon support for Linux has been disabled due to too many problems. It may come back later if the problems have been resolved.
    • Changed Fred’s year number to 2009.
    • Fred’s configuration files (UserMode.xml, Recent.xml, Settings.xml) are now stored as Java XML properties. This previously used, proprietary file format was discarded.
    • Quite a lot code changes and code cleanup.

Mar 06

New website

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After the old homepage wasn’t updated quite sometime (although new Fred versions were released) I’ve finally set up a new website. It’s now powered by WordPress which should make maintaining the website a lot easier than the old one.